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Car Free Bay Area
Bay Area Places Ranked by Share of Households with Zero Vehicles Available
Census 2000
Rank, 2000Place NameTotal HouseholdsHouseholds with Zero
Vehicles Available
Share of Households
with Zero Vehicles
1San Francisco city329,70094,17828.60%
2Buena Vista CDP57711620.10%
3Oakland city150,78729,58419.60%
4San Pablo city9,0571,57117.30%
5Berkeley city44,9557,64917.00%
6Fruitdale CDP3134514.40%
7Waldon CDP3,12341313.20%
8Richmond city34,7054,47612.90%
9Emeryville city3,97545411.40%
10Stanford CDP3,14833510.60%
11East Palo Alto city6,93872110.40%
12Crockett CDP1,51715710.30%
13Cherryland CDP4,60847310.30%
14Ashland CDP7,21673010.10%
15Sonoma city4,33243210.00%
16Alameda city30,2262,8349.40%
17Cloverdale city2,5092359.40%
18San Leandro city30,6162,8509.30%
19Vallejo city39,5603,6529.20%
20North Fair Oaks CDP4,0033498.70%
21Monte Rio CDP530458.50%
22Burbank CDP2,0541748.50%
23Santa Venetia CDP1,6341358.30%
24South San Francisco city19,6911,6048.10%
25Daly City city30,7272,4868.10%

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