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Table D.1          
Disability in the Bay Area, Census 2000
County of Residence Persons, Age 5 - 20Persons, Age 21 - 64Persons, 65 Years and OlderPersons, 5 Years and Older
 With a Disability22,299164,36461,895248,558
AlamedaTotal Persons312,905876,793142,7731,332,471
 % with a Disability7.10%18.70%43.40%18.70%
 With a Disability15,11291,25441,206147,572
Contra CostaTotal Persons218,776555,146103,969877,891
 % with a Disability6.90%16.40%39.60%16.80%
 With a Disability2,68822,1629,90834,758
MarinTotal Persons42,144151,48931,683225,316
 % with a Disability6.40%14.60%31.30%15.40%
 With a Disability1,94112,4697,14721,557
NapaTotal Persons27,41668,88917,197113,502
 % with a Disability7.10%18.10%41.60%19.00%
 With a Disability8,33195,57646,224150,131
San FranciscoTotal Persons102,655533,008104,934740,597
 % with a Disability8.10%17.90%44.10%20.30%
 With a Disability8,99868,04530,397107,440
San MateoTotal Persons139,725431,76884,732656,225
 % with a Disability6.40%15.80%35.90%16.40%
 With a Disability23,564170,55560,610254,729
Santa ClaraTotal Persons361,0121,036,877154,3281,552,217
 % with a Disability6.50%16.40%39.30%16.40%
 With a Disability7,56943,34815,40266,319
SolanoTotal Persons98,614213,54235,511347,667
 % with a Disability7.70%20.30%43.40%19.10%
 With a Disability7,19747,42321,14975,769
SonomaTotal Persons102,611269,04755,797427,455
 % with a Disability7.00%17.60%37.90%17.70%
 With a Disability97,699715,196293,9381,106,833
Bay AreaTotal Persons1,405,8584,136,559730,9246,273,341
 % with a Disability6.90%17.30%40.20%17.60%
1. Disability status is asked of the civilian, noninstitutional population.
2. People 5 years old and over are considered to have a disability if they have one or more of the following:
      a) sensory disability; b) physical disability; c) mental disability;
      d) self-care disability; e) outside home alone difficulty; or f) work disability.

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